Unbelievable Operational Efficiencies

Most Plant Operations Managers dislike in-pack couponing because traditional materials often slow down packaging line through put. Inserting overwrapped materials can be a challenge; jammed lines, improper feeding causing line shut down, etc. As a single sheet, the Nx2Food material slides through equipment eliminating downtime or reduced run rates - a cost benefit seldom recognized.

Nx2Food Inserts are a cost effective alternative to fin-sealed overwraps offering a savings of up to 20% vs. overwrapped inserts on material alone!

Key Benefits

insert material has tremendous benefits:

Cost effective; no need for expensive     overwrap can save up to 20% vs. other     materials

Guaranteed absolutely no ink, adhesive     or odor transfer to your product

Totally impervious to oils, fats and     moisture FDA, USDA and Canadian     H&W approved for direct food contact

Runs efficiently across the widest range     of insertion equipment in the industry

No down time from jams, missed pieces

Tested and approved for high speed     insertion

Tamper proof technology for games and     coupons

Complete flexibility - Inserts can be     supplied in roll form or trays.