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On-pack and in-pack promotions are just one of the many promotional techniques available to today's marketer. They are successfully used to generate trial, increase purchase frequency of a product, announce or explain a product change or introduce a new product. This promotional technique leverages the package -- a direct communication link with your consumer. And, it's economical because of its low delivery cost as compared to other promotional tools.

The Sara Lee Fresh Bread "Win a GE Profile Kitchen" Promotion

The “Win a GE Profile Kitchen promotion was a unique combination of Instant Win and Collect & Win promotions. Consumers had two ways to win. Every game card contained an ‘instant win’ coupon and a collectable sticker.

Game boards were distributed through an FSI and were available on the in-store POS. Official game pieces were in-packed in Sara Lee bread.

To insure a smooth operational execution, Graham Group worked directly with the bag manufacturer and created a custom piece thin enough to be able to inserted without any negative impact on the production through-put.

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Jim Graham"Welcome to our web portal! We hope you will find this to be a resource
full of useful tools and links to help you with your on-pack and in-pack promotional planning. We add new informative topics on a regular basis, so please visit often."

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Graham Group Promotions is a promotional execution company that specializes in consumer promotions delivered via packages. We are not a printing company or a "full service" promotion agency that claims expertise in all kinds of promotional techniques. We focus only on in-pack and on-pack activities. That's our niche. And, we know it well. Let us share our "real world" knowledge with you and help you build a stronger brand through packaging promotions.

Our Mission is simple and focused:

"To be the leader in the package promotions industry by providing our clients with innovative, turn-key solutions for building their brand volume through in-pack and on-pack promotional opportunities."

Since 1985, the Graham Group has built a strong reputation of delivering exceptional quality at extremely competitive prices. Our extensive network of top-notch printers and equipment suppliers gives us the flexibility to satisfy all of your packaging promotion needs.

Let Graham Group Promotions help you unlock the potential of your in-pack and on-pack promotions. Creating and executing package promotions is our core competency. It's all we do. All Day. Everyday. We are able to deliver from concept to finished product, all accented with real world operational experience.

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Topic #7 – Put the Right People On Your Promotional Team

When planning and executing in-pack or on-pack promotions, it is important to get the right people involved at the very beginning. It can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Often overlooked, the input of the Operations Department is critical. The physical execution of the program can make or break your program before it even hits the eyes of the consumer. Involve the Operations people even at the plant level. They know their equipment and can provide you with invaluable insight as to what will and will not work on their equipment.

The last thing you want to do is create a piece that won’t run on the plant’s equipment and cause the plant a lot of inefficiencies or down time. If that happens, it is almost guaranteed that you will never run another in-pack or on-pack promotion at that facility.

Put the Operations guy on your team at the planning stage. You may have created a can’t miss concept, but with out execution at your plant it’s dead in the water.

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